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Case Study


Roclad were contracted by Hobson & Porter to install the roofs and feature fascia to three new buildings:- Animal Science Building, Science & Innovation Building and an Agricultural Workshop at Riseholme College in Lincoln.

Both the animal Science and Agricultural Workshop had the roof construction of steel walk-on liner panel, steel spacer bar system and a SpeedDeck standing seam system with 260mm thick insulation. The perimeter of the roof was finished with a bespoke bull-nosed fascia with a hidden boundary wall gutter.

The Science & Innovation building had a roof construction consisting of a perforated walk-on liner panel, steel spaces bars and a Kingspan KS1000RW composite roof panel. Between the liner and composite panel we laid an acoustic insulation which to achieve the acoustic value required by the college. As with other two buildings, the Science & Innovation building was finished with the bespoke fascia and boundary wall gutter system.

Key Features

  • SpeedDeck roof system
  • Acoustic lined Kingspan KS1000RW composite panel roof
  • Bespoke powder coated aluminium Bullnose Fascia
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