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Case Study


Eltherington Group Ltd, is a Hull based company specialising in architectural, caravan and modular building sectors of aluminium. Due to expansion the company bought a new site in (the former Seven Seas Factory).

Roclad Systems Ltd was contracted by Hobson and Porter Ltd to carry out the roofing and cladding element on the new Hedon Road site. Following the demolition and ground works in early 2016 Roclad started the cladding works.

The profile of the main factory is KS1000RW 115mm with Kingspan factory assembled roof lights installed to 10% of the roof area. The elevations are a mix of KS1000RW 80mm and KS1000MR 80mm with different coloured panels. A section of KS1000TD 100mm (Armourplan TopDek) was installed to a portion of the existing roof in order to join it into the new factory. Due to the shape of the Topdek roof, every roof panel had to be rake cut on site.

The main roof panels were up to 20 metre long and therefore could not be man handle. Due to the large panel length a Crane and CladBoy had to be used to lower each panel in place whilst it could be secured by the operatives on the roof. Using the CladBoy allowed us to lay hundreds of metres of panels per day. This meant that we could install the roof in just 15 days.

With the total roof area being approx. 8500m2 we had to make sure the whole rainwater system was sufficient enough to cope with the amount of water that would come off the roofs during a heavy down pour. To address this potential difficulty we fitted a mixture of membrane lined boundary valley and Plastisol trim line gutters (Approximately 400 linier metres of guttering in total). Syphonic outlet systems were then connected from the gutters and into the underground drainage by a specialist installer.

Because the elevations are 10 metres high, we used a CladBoy mounted Telescopic Forklift to position and fix the wall panels. This is a delicate and precise installation method requiring three operatives, one in the Forklift positioning the panels and two in a MEWP fixing the panels in place. As with the roof, this method of sheeting means we were able to make the building weather tight in a short space of time allowing internal works to commence sooner than anticipated.

The Roofing and Cladding element of the project took approximately 12-weeks complete.

Key Features

  • Roofing and Cladding completed within 12 weeks
  • 8500m2 Roof area refurbished in 15 days
  • Panels fitted to 10m elevations
  • KS1000RW 115mm Roof with Kingspan Rooflights
  • KS1000RW 80mm and KS1000MR 80mm Elevations
  • KS1000TD (Armourplan TopDek) used to join old to new roof
  • 400 Linier meters of guttering using a blend of Membrane Lined Boundary, Valley Gutters along with Plastisol Trim Line Gutters
  • Syphonic outlet systems installed from gutters to underground drainage by a specialist contractor
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