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Case Study


DONG Energy is one of the leading energy groups in Northern Europe. Headquartered in Denmark, they have around 6,700 employees including over 850 in the UK.

In 2014 work started on the new Dong Energy East Coast hub. Roclad were contracted by Hobson & Porter Ltd, who had been appoint as the main contractor to undertake the roofing and wall cladding element of the project.

The warehouse has Kingspan 120mm RW roof panels and factory assembled polycarbonate roof lights to approximately 10% of the area. The elevations are a mixture of 120mm Kingspan 1000 mini-micro and 900 mini-micro composite panels.

The size and thickness of the roof sheets meant that our operatives could not manually hoist them into position. To address this we used a Crane and Cladboy to lift and lower each panel into place allowing the operatives to secure them onto the roof. This approach allowed us to complete the 1700m2 roof area within a week.

Having our own in-house fabrication company we were able to have a very quick turn around when it came to ordering the flashings and guttering.

The office building has a very different Kingspan product on the roof. King-zip is a composite panel alternative to a built up standing seam system. It is laid and secured in place in a similar way to RW panels but instead of stitching the joints with fixings you use a MST (Mechanical Seaming Tool).

The roof on the office had a number of hips, valleys and pitches which using a traditional built up system would be quite time consuming. We address this time frame issue with the use of King-zip, which is a single component system, therefore the operatives on-site could make one cut to match the rake and then fit the panel. This method reduced the installation time by half.

The installation of this final phase mirrored the warehouse process with our operatives using a crane and Cladboy.

Key Features

  • 120mm Kingspan RW Roof Panels
  • Polycarbonate Roof Lights to 10% of total roof area
  • Blend of 120mm Kingspan 1000 mini-micro and 900 mini micro composite panels
  • 1700m2 Roof area completed in 1-week
  • Kingspan King-Zip composite panels used on the office building
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