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Roofing and cladding from Roclad

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  • Howden Kitchens

Practical and aesthetically pleasing

 The interior of a commercial building

Weather resistance has always been a major concern for industrial and commercial premises, but in today’s environment it isn’t enough for a building to simply be functional. Aesthetics has become a major part of presenting a business. If your company’s property is unattractive, it will lead to negative judgements as well as being fairly unpleasant for your own staff to look at. But the question is, how do you address both the aesthetic problem and provide a more pleasing appearance? Roclad Systems provides the answer with versatile roofing and vertical cladding.

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How will Roclad benefit your business?

 A building with vertical cladding

At Roclad, we install roofs and wall cladding of the highest quality. Our products will keep your building watertight and aesthetically pleasing, adding practical value and appealing to actual and potential customers. Roclad has been installing roofing and cladding since 1991 – we’re experts at making sure that your business gets the best protection whilst making a strong visual impression.

Give your business premises a makeover; call us on

01482 629 891

2016-06-22 22:39:24

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